Couple Inspiring Proverbs

Couple inspiring proverbs from IT Telkom Rector:
– The most honorable humans are those who give more spread and kindness to other humans & environment
– Keep WORKING HARD, does not matter if you are a deer or a lion, definitely, run as fast as possible when dawn is coming, as survival is the most basic instinct (such “early birds catch the worms” proverb)

Couple message from Vice Governor of West Java:
– Be the main contributor for ICT industry, not only filling it up
– As MP3EI’s West Java has entered the Creative Industry corridor, do proceed the Creative Industry growth to support the development of various sectors
– West Java Gov expects to be a Cyber Province soon by interconnecting data from various parties for people all over the place including villages (one data with multiple functions & usage). Although many providers have offered the programs & IT Telkom seems to work directly with Indonesian Ministry Offices, but in this case, West Java Gov expects the synergy programs with IT Telkom (who is part of West Java asset) both for the services offered as well as for recruiting its graduates

Couple message from Telkom’s HCGA Director as well as Dewan Pengawas YPT:
– In the waiting room, Pa Faisyal Syam mentioned to us a clear message that all YPT institutions should take the most advantage of Bandung Digital Valley (BDV)’s presence & function. We have mentioned that IT Telkom & STISI Telkom have joined in for the preparation for the content as well as interior design.
– The fast development of ICT should be anticipated quickly. For example:
1) Pay TV in China now not only for record-rewind-pause functions, but like Fashion TV has displayed clothes wore on catwalk with designer name, price, where-to-buy, how-to-order;
2) Learning methods now should be using e-learning / digital learning / mobile learning technology, therefore the function of Telkom Learning Centre may be transformed into Corporate University.
– Top cream of IT Telkom’s Grads (near 4.0 GPA with active-various activities when studied) will be hunted by Telkom soon to be recruited as employees. While others who may be interested in joining too, may take the recruitment process at the end of April.
– Looking for jobs would be better at small companies, like Telkom’s subsidiaries (esp content application), since the chance to move up because of limited competition and to lad a career path is wider, and the growth of industry is significant. While Telkom’s growth is only 1 digit, since fixed cable is moving down, and now moved to fibre. Telkom should grow beyond TIME industry as well, out of the Core Competency, such a product namely Delima for sending money.
– Working has to be brought with Good Attitudes (do not think about BEP, do not look for the remuneration but the hard work – dedication – good attitude & great soft skills will show you the results and the money automatically follow).


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