enhanced Telecom Operations Map

enhanced Telecom Operations MapThe eTOM (enhanced Telecom Operations Map), published by the TM Forum, is a guidebook, the most widely used and accepted standard for business processes in the telecommunications industry. The eTOM model describes the full scope of business processes required by a service provider and defines key elements and how they interact.

eTOM is a common companion of ITIL, an analogous standard or framework for best practices in information technology.

Both of these frameworks are part of the larger context of Total Quality Management, in which many industries have since 1950 increasingly formalized their business processes and metrics in search of higher quality, fewer defects, and greater efficiency. ISO 9000 is probably the best-known of these “process and results improvement” standards, but it is far more generic than either eTOM or ITIL.

eTOM has been adopted by ITU-T as a Recommendation and published in the M.3050.x series.


The eTOM model consists of Level-0, Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3 processes. Each level drills down to the more specific processes.

The graphic representation of an eTOM model consists of rows and columns. The intersections of these rows and columns point out to specific processes as specified by eTOM. The topmost row denotes the customer facing activity i.e. marketing while the bottom most row indicates the supplier facing activity and the support activities.

In this manner the eTOM map indicates the whole value chain. The map thus also gives a good indication of the interaction between the processes.

The broadly classified sections are Strategy, Infrastructure & Product and Operations.

enhanced Telecom Operations Map


enhanced Telecom Operations Map

e T O M ps eps

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