Open As Administrator on Fedora

Is there a nautilus gksu equivalent for Fedora?

for Open As Administrator on Fedora.


YES, there is. In Fedora you can use “Beesu”


Using Beesu

Installing Beesu

Open a terminal and install the following packages:

$sudo yum install beesu nautilus-beesu-manager 

Configuring Beesu

After you have installed the packages above, you run


to configure how you want to use Beesu.

The most useful settings are:

Edit with gEdit Execute/Execute Application Files and Folders/Delete Selected Files Files and Folders/New File Here Files and Folders/New Folder Here Open Terminal Here Open Nautilus here < ---- 

Using Beesu

Open up Nautilus

Navigate to the file or folder you want to manage, Right-Click the mouse, select Scripts >> beesu and a list of options which you have configure earlier was available.

Please note that some options worked on folders and some options worked on files while some worked on both.


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