Tenth Beatitude

This is insane. I have sold off most of the apothecary. We have sequestered a trucker’s help, and tomorrow wife, two daughters and I leave for Turkey. Will we make it cross the border? Driver says he has friends in their customs house. Graft in the past has kept his deliveries going without inconvenience.

I hope he is right and honest. I have paid him so much of my savings and available cash already.

It has torn my daughters so painfully not to be able to give their friends a proper goodbye. But secrecy is so important here. The regime has its eyes everywhere, and it has tripled since the revolution.

Revolution. Hah! Just some more bloodthirsty attention getters and power mongers. Exploiting the poor. Bombs in the marketplace. Chemical death. Strange disappearances. Nasty curfews. Shootings likely from anywhere. Our beloved streets dotted with fires, garbage, overturned vehicles. Our community…

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