Digital Marketing Training Week 5 Choose Your Keywords

This week, spend one hour researching keywords for your website.
Why is this important?
When you choose the best keywords at the beginning of your SEO process, you optimize the time it takes to rank your website for those keywords.
Step #1: Brainstorm
Research your online audience or ask your existing customers about the words they would use to search for a business like yours on the web. Find out which keywords are trending in your industry by using the new and improved Google Trends. An even simpler alternative is to enter your search terms in the Google search bar and find the options it gives in the drop down menu (as shown below).

Google Instant Search Function
Include a location in your keyword chain in order to geo-locate your site in Search, for example, Best Dentist in Houston. You can also use a free keyword suggestion tool such as UberSuggest. It is similar to Google Suggest, but gives a lot more keyword ideas.
Step #2: Research your competition
Which keywords do your competitors rank high for? Find out using WooRank’s Website Review. The free trial gives you instant access to the top 10 keywords that your site, and your top three online competitors, rank for.

Competitor Websites’ Keyword Research on WooRank’s Website Review Report
Choose only those keywords that are 100 percent relevant to your website and are not highly competitive. Use Step #3 to understand the competitiveness of your keywords.
Step #3: Research using Google AdWords Keyword Tools
The Google Keyword Tool is a great tool that lets you to filter out the BEST keywords (from the ones you chose using the above steps). Sign up for a Google Adwords account for free and start using the tool. Enter your keyword and select options “Exact” and “Phrase” on the left, as shown below:

Google Keyword Tool
You then get a list of keyword variations with approximate search volume estimates on the right. Choose the ones with Medium or Low competition and a High number of Global or Local Monthly Searches (depending on whether your business is targeted toward a globlal or local online audience),

Choose Low Competition – High Search Volume Keywords in Google Keyword Tool
Step #4: Choose Three Keywords for Each Web Page
Pick three relevant keywords, or keyword chains, (example: best dentist NYC, oral surgeon New York, affordable dental surgery) for which you want to rank high in search results. Assign relevant keywords to each page on your website.
Resources for Further Learning:


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