Digital Marketing Training Week 8 Website Usability Checklist

Task 8 : Website Usability Checklist

This week, take a few hours to check whether your website has essential usability factors.
Why is this important?
Providing rich user-experience on your website not only helps your site visitors feel comfortable using your site, but also improves your site’s SEO and conversion rates.
Go through the website usability checklist given below and assess the usability of your website in accordance with it:

▪ Optimize page speed

WooRank Website Review allows you to test your web page load time as well as page size; two deciding factors of your page speed. See this sample test shown below:
Check Your Website Page Size and Load Time using WooRank Website Review Feature

Check Your Website’s Page Size and Load Time on WooRank Website Review
Your website must load in 2 seconds or less, otherwise you might be missing out on precious web traffic. Google gives a list of factors that affects page speed loading time. WooRank helps you identify these factors on your webpage when you run a test for your site using the WooRank Website Review feature. See a sample test shown below:

Check the Page Speed Factors Present on Your Site Using the WooRank Website Review Feature
Decrease your page size by compressing your site’s images using the free

▪ White Space

White space must be abundant on the site. This makes the site content easy to read without straining the eyes.

▪ Font Size

Font Size can be anywhere between 12 to 14 pixels. You can also set the font size in your site’s CSS using percentages – 120 percent for a bigger size and 90 percent for a smaller size. Read more about font size here.

▪ Font types

Font types should be the standards used around the web, as standards are rendered more user-friendly. Your options are: Verdana, Arial, Georgia or Times New Roman.

▪ Avoid Flash

Avoid Flash, since it takes time for plug-ins to load. Flash is not good for your site SEO either. Check if your site uses it with WooRank’s Website Review feature. See a sample test shown below:

Check Website for Flash Content on WooRank Website Review

▪ Avoid Lengthy URLs

Avoid lengthy URLs. Test the length of your URL in WooRank Website Review as shown in the sample below.

Check Your Website’s URL Length using WooRank Website Review

▪ Clear Purpose on Homepage

Make sure ‘what you do’ (i.e. your core business) is clear to your site visitor within 5 seconds of entry onto your site. Test this using the FiveSecondTest tool.

▪ Important Links

Place links to About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions(Returns or Shipping policy in case of E-Commerce websites) in the footer or sidebar or both. Your website’s About Us page is the most important one and can be placed in the main menu tab on the top.

▪ Search Functionality

An internal search function makes it even easier for the users to search for a particular section of a website. FusionBotFreeFindSiteLevel or GoogleSiteSearchare some of the internal search engines you can install.

▪ Custom 404

Your site’s broken links may send users to a 404 error page. If you want to retain users and send them back to your homepage with clear instructions, design a custom 404 page.
Test your site with WooRank Website Review to check if you have a custom 404 page on your site, as shown in the sample test below:

Check if Your Site has a Custom 404 Page using WooRank Website Review

▪ Fix Broken Links

Find broken links in your website and fix them. You can find them using Google Webmaster Tools, under Crawl Errors, as shown below.
drip 8 (1)

Find Broken Links in the Crawl Errors Option on Google Webmaster Tools

▪ Optimize Forms

Make sure your forms have a minimum number of fields. We will cover this topic in detail in our next email.

▪ Descriptive Page Titles

Write unique and self-explanatory Title tag text that the user understands. This encourages them to click through your site’s search results and enter your site.

Example of Descriptive Meta Title Tag Content

▪ Critical Content Above the Fold

This includes contact forms, navigation tabs, site content that talks of product/service benefits rather than features (generally the content that answers the question – ‘What is in it for the user?’), video testimonial (if any) and Call-to-Action button. Avoid placing ads above the fold.

▪ Easy Readability

Make sure the content on your website is in plain and simple language (English/Regional) and avoid technical jargon if you have a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) website. Spelling and grammar mistakes are obviously not good.

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