Digital Marketing Training Week 17 Steps to Find Guest Bloggers

Task 17: 6 Steps to Find Guest Bloggers

This week, spend a few hours finding guest bloggers.
Why is this important?


▪ Enhanced brand exposure.

▪ Acquire new audience (the guest writer’s followers).

▪ Fresh content is good for SEO.

▪ Develop variety in your blogging style.

▪ Relieve pressure to blog regularly.

Step #1: Create an Email Template for Guest Blogging Requests
It is not a good idea to display guest blogging opportunities on your website like they do in this example. In mid-January of 2014, Google’s Matt Cutts addressed the topic of guest blogging in a way that discouraged openly endorsing the practice on one’s site.
Instead, we recommend that you create an email template to send to those writers you would be interested in having guest blog on your site – those whose writing skills and expertise is relevant to your line of business. The email template must be customized for each writer you approach.
In the template, make the benefits of guest blogging for the writer clear. Make sure you let them know that you are not interested in their post for link building purposes and won’t allow dofollow links in the body of the blog. Natural-looking links in the author’s bio are acceptable.
Listed below are some possible perks of guest blogging that you can mention in the email:


▪ Provide one or two links in the author’s byline to their website, blog or social media profiles.

▪ Provide author credit by prominently featuring their name on your blog.

▪ Provide a link to the author’s Google+ page from the author’s bio.

▪ Provide a mention about the author’s post on your Twitter or Facebook fan pages.

▪ Provide part of your service to the guest author for free, especially if they are in high demand as a writer in your niche.

▪ Provide a guest post on the author’s own blog.

Step #2: Network with Bloggers in Your Community
There are a few reputable sites on the web that allow you to research bloggers and preview samples of their content. The following are ten such sites that help you meet promising guest bloggers in your niche:
MyBlogGuest – You can browse the Articles Gallery when you sign up for free and find guest article details. The details given are the title, description, category/tags, preview of content and author’s byline. Choose the preview you like the best and fill out a form with a time frame for content delivery.
BloggerLinkUp – A free community for guest bloggers and website owners created by Cathy Stucker. This community helps you request guest posts from bloggers registered on the site.
GuestBlogIt – A community of guest bloggers similar to MyBlogGuest. You can browse guest articles and choose ones to publish. Sign up is free.
BlogSynergy – A growing online community of guest bloggers. Bloggers can share guest posting opportunities with each other.
GroupHigh – A Blogger Outreach Management Software that helps you discover the best bloggers on the internet. You can find bloggers in a particular geographic location, check blog metrics, check an author’s following and so on. You need to set up an account that is paid annually but the site offers a free trial.
Guestr – A community for guest bloggers and website owners that even allows you to check author’s Klout score’s to find out their social influence. Sign up is free.
BlogDash – Another blog outreach program that lets you research and contact bloggers in your niche. Although it is free to use for bloggers, there is a one to twelve month membership fee for businesses.
PostJoint – A new blogger community that connects blog owners and guest bloggers in an easy interface. You need to create an account and the PostJoint team will match you with quality content supplied by bloggers registered on their site. Currently the site is run in Beta and it is free to participate.
CopyforBylines – A free network that connects publishers and bloggers. It gives you access to free content from aspiring guest bloggers.
BlogZone – This is a LinkedIn Group of bloggers. You may join the group with your LinkedIn profile and start interacting with the bloggers, as shown below:
Blog Zone Screenshot

Blog Zone on Linked in
A few other guest blogger networks include FizznicheTriberr andGuestBloggingWebsites.
Step #3: Google Search for Guest Bloggers
Google has a dedicated search engine for blogs. You can use this to look for blogs in your niche and consequently find authors to contact via email or social media.
Use this list of queries with your keyword on Google Search, as follows:


▪ “this guest post is from”

▪ “guest contributor”

▪ “this guest post was written”

▪ “guest post by”

▪ “my guest posts”

▪ inurl:guest-posts

Step #4: Make Announcements On Your Social Media Pages
Announce that you are looking for guest bloggers on your social media pages. Provide those who express interest with the guidelines for guest blogging on your site. Make sure the topic they write about is relevant and useful to your readers. If you have a specific topic in mind, give an outline of the topic and offer something interesting in return.
Step #5: Blog Comments
Your existing blog might have some really useful comments. Chances are that these people know about the topic and may have more ideas to share. Get in touch with the commenting audience via email or social media and enquire whether they would be interested in writing a blog for you.
Step #6: Competitor Backlinks from Blogs
Use the WooRank Advanced Review feature to see three of your top competitor’s backlink profiles. Check if any of these links are from blogs. You can then visit these blog sites and request that the author blog on your site as well.
Shown below is a screenshot of a sample backlinks report from the WooRank Advanced Review dashboard:
WooRank's Backlink Checker

Backlinks Checker in WooRanks’s Projects


▪ Make sure the blog quality and style is on par with your own.

▪ Proof read the blogs for spelling and grammatical errors before you publish them.

▪ Reserve the right to edit.

▪ Check that the content is original and has not been published before.

Resources for Further Learning:

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