Digital Marketing Training Week 27 Steps to Create a Google Adwords Campaign

Task 27: Steps to Create a Google Adwords Campaign

This week, spend a few hours creating a Google Adwords campaign.
Why is this important?

▪ It takes a long time to be successful with organic Google search marketing but with Google Adwords you can target the same audience much faster.

▪ You can place these ads on relevant websites and bring in targeted traffic with an appealing ad description. For example, an ad announcing an unbeatable discount on your product has a higher chance of attracting converting customers when featured on a web page with an informative piece on that product.

▪ Google Adwords requires only a small initial investment compared to other ad campaigns.

▪ In Cost-Per-Click (CPC) campaigns, you only pay for actual clicks on the ads.

Step #1: Target Your Market
Research your keywords using the Google Adwords keyword tool (you will need a Google Adwords account to access the tool) and other keyword tools available on the web.
Use your keywords in the heading, title and description sections of the ad. Make sure you avoid one-word keywords and instead pick specific, long-tail keywords that your users may type to look for your products or services. Here is how to build a keyword list for a Google Adwords campaign.
Create a relevant landing page on your website to drive the ad traffic to.
Step #2: Set Up Your Google Ad Account
If you have a Gmail address you can create a Google ad campaign right away. Get a Gmail account if you do not already have one.
The steps to set up a Google Adwords Account include:

▪ Creating a Google Account (if you already have a Gmail account, skip this step).

▪ Setting the time zone and currency (Google fills in default information).

▪ Verifying the account.

Step #3: Create your First Campaign
You will now see the Google Adwords Dashboard that explains the four steps to create your first ad campaign, as shown in the screenshot below:
Google Adwords Dashboard to Create Your First Campaign

Google Adwords Dashboard to Create Your First Campaign

▪ Click on Create your first campaign.

▪ You are taken to a tab titled Select Campaign Settings. NOTE: You can change these settings at any time.

Step #4: Choose the Campaign Type
In the General category, enter the campaign name and the campaign type.
Your campaign type is decided by where you want your customers to see your ad. The broad category of campaign-type settings and the websites these types include are as follows:
Search Network:

▪ Google search.

▪ Google Shopping.

▪ Google Maps.

▪ AOL Search.

Display Network:

▪ Gmail.

▪ YouTube.

▪ Blogger.

▪ Google Finance.

▪ Google’s partner websites.

Both Search and Display Networks:

▪ This includes all of the sites listed under the Display and Search categories.

Choose the campaign sub-type Standard since it is your first ad campaign, as shown below:
General Google Adwords Campaign Settings

General Google Adwords Campaign Settings
The Standard option generally includes the following:

▪ Basic location targeting.

▪ Basic bidding and budget settings.

▪ Common ad text extensions, including phone number, URL, location and social media profile URLs.

To switch campaign types in the future, follow the steps below:

▪ Sign into your Adwords account.

▪ Click the Campaigns tab.

▪ Click All online campaigns.

▪ Click the Settings tab.

▪ Under the General category, type sub-category and click the blue link Edit.

▪ Choose the new campaign type and click Save.

Step #5: Choose your Bid and Budget
There are two types of ad bidding, which are as follows:

▪ Cost Per Click (CPC) – Businesses that want to drive traffic to a website will benefit from this type of bidding. You will have to pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

▪ Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – Businesses that want to gain brand exposure on various online platforms will benefit from this type of bidding, where you pay for every 1000 times your ad appears online. This is only available for the Display network campaign set up.

Under the Bidding and Budget category, do the following tasks:

▪ Choose I’ll manually set my bid for clicks.

▪ Set a Default Bid. The default bid value is the most you are willing to pay per click on the ad.

▪ Set your Budget. This amount should be an average of the highest amount you are willing to spend on your campaign, per day, over a month.

▪ Click Save and Continue.

The quality of the ad (keywords chosen and subsequent performance of the ad) and the bid amount determines the position of your ad in search or display networks. If you are not comfortable setting up your bids manually during the initial stages, you can choose the automatic bidding option under Bidding and Budget, as shown below:
Google Adwords Option to Automatically Set Bids

Google Adwords Option to Automatically Set Bids
With this option you only need to set a daily budget. Google will stay within the target daily budget that you have set for the campaign.
NOTE: The automatic bidding type cannot be used for the following campaign types:

▪ Search Network only: Product listing ads.

▪ Display Network only: Mobile apps.

Resources for Further Learning:

▪ Blog Article: A Guide to Improving your Adwords Quality Score

▪ Blog Article: Decide Your Adwords Budget

▪ Video: Google Adwords Campaign Set Up Tutorial

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