Plugin WordPress SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2

Before starting to use the plugin, I would like to explain several things first.

1. This plugin is intended to increase the relation level between articles and keywords which visitors type in search engine, so the articles will get better position in search engine search result. However, please use this plugin wisely because showing too much keywords in an article will bring you bad effect. 10 or 15 keywords in an article are just more than enough.

  1. The format that has been proved bringing good effect to article ranks is as follows:
# Displaying keywords coming from search engine in the end/below the article.
# Displaying the recent keywords on the sidebar/footer.
# Displaying the most popular keywords on the sidebar/footer.

To achieve that result, choose “Add list automatically right after post content” option and then add  “Recent Search Terms” or “Popular Search Terms” widget on the theme which is currently being used. Widget position can be placed either on the sidebar or on the footer.

3. On “WordPres Admin page >> Settings >> SEO SearchTerms 2” at section “General Settings >> Block the following bad words”, if necessary, blocked/unwanted keyword(s) can be added such as keyword(s) related to  porn, gambling, etc.

4. At “General Settings >> Promote old post with no search engine traffic” section, if your site format is not a blog or the date of the posts is not chronological, the old articles which have not got traffic from search engine yet can be automatically promoted by re-publishing those articles. Please only activate this method when your permalink format does NOT contain date.

5. There are two ways to delete unwanted keyword(s) from database, either by adding the keyword to “Block the following bad words” option and click Save Changes, or by using “Delete Search Term” form.

6. The statistic of the latest and most popular keywords can be seen by clicking “More Stats:” link. And list of articles that haven’t got traffic yet from search engine is available on “Posts Without Any Traffic from Search Engines” menu.

These data can be used to do keyword research or to decide which article should be promoted. Further detail about this will be explained in my next email.
Go playing with other options, and feel free to contact me if you need to ask something about the plugin. And I wish for more traffic coming to your website.

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